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Houses in Kenya Diani Beach Deutsche Version

Diani Beachs infrastructure is well developed, Hospitals, Hotels ,Shops, Banks, anything you need is around.
The costs of living are low. Friendly Kenyans, the nice sunny weather, the blue Indian Ocean, long white sandy Beaches,
making Kenya a true paradise.

Diani Beach is located about 40Km south of Mombasa, and only about 30km from the Wildlife at Shimba Hills.
Explore the original Africa with its breathtaking nature, and enjoy the comfort of a modern style of living.

To get more information about the houses, please click on the picture,or on the link next to it.

Featured Homes
House Roth
Diani Beach, 150'000 Dollar.
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You would like to visit and see this houses, during your next Kenya stay?
Just contact me, to make a date. Andre Roth E-Mail

House Seezer
Diani Beach, 240'000 Dollar.
Holiday guests are welcome
in our guesthouse.
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Houses Läubli-Onyiego
Diani Beach,
about 170'000 Dollar
Holiday guests are welcome
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House Ullrich
Diani Beach,
about 46'000 Dollar.
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Houses Paolo Tenz
Diani Beach,
600'000 Euro
Holiday Guests are welcome
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Houses Ali Barbour
Diani Beach,
3 Guesthouses for rent
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Cottage Karl Jorg Gundrum
Diani Beach,
For Rent
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House Marc Lacy
Galu Beach,
for sale, 111'500 Euro
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Advice :
Never buy a plot without a lawyers help!!As in every poor land there are people trying to cheat the "newcomers". And it's usualy the people from your own country, which will try to trick you,not the Kenyans. Even myself, I've had to pay my share and learn...If you're in doubt, better ask your Embassy, how to buy land.
And use a good Lawyer, to finish the deal correct! In case you have any question,feel free to ask,just E-Mail your question to me (Andre)

Without a lawyer it is not possible to buy a plot. The price for a lawyer is usually depending on how much the plot will
cost. Ask your embassy in Kenya ,which lawyer they recommend.The person which want to sell you the plot MUST have a Title Deed.(click here to see it)
A Title Deed is the paper which is showing the real owner, then you will need a lawyer,to check if the title deed is an original and not fake.
If that person which is selling the plot does not have a Title Deed,with her/his name on it.Then you can not buy it.Because then there is no proove that he/she is the real owner!!

Also must the Title Deed be "commercial",and not "farming" land.Farming land means only a kenyan can posess it,and you can not build.
"Commercial" means,a foreigner can buy it,with his name on the title deed,and you are allowed to build on it.If the plot is farming land,then it is possible to change it into
commercial land,but will take about 2 years time.And it should be done not by you,but by the one who owns the plot right now!!
Don't buy land with a "company",then allways somebody else is also "inside" ,which you want to avoid.

About prices: they will not go up in the next 1-2 years,only if government will change many things,with economy,etc.dont worry about
prices.(in fact prices are stable in diani beach since at least 12 years) If tey tell that prices will go up, this its only to make pressure,so that you will buy
quickly....and that you dont have chance of hearing other opinions.


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Nairobi region:
www.keniamusic.com (Mwala/Machakos)

Have a House to sell or rent in Kenya?

Place your Ad here,on www.diani.info,
it's for free.
Thousands of visitors will see it !!

Just send me via E-Mail the desired text, as you want it to appear.
And some pictures as well. And I will place your home online, within 24 hrs.
In case if you don't have a scanner,
then you can send me the pictures also via post.

Contact: andre@diani.info

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