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Haus Roth
  • Diani Beach,about 500 meters from the beach.
  • Very nice,big house.Inside works(painting etc.)about to finish..
  • Changes can still be made..
  • Entrance Level is 266 square meters big!!With entrance hall,living room,kitchen,
    4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms.
  • 5 more bedrooms on the upper floor.
  • Surrounding land 8000 square meters!!
  • All kinds of fruits.Garden is full with Coconut Palms,Mango, Orange,Lemon,Grapefruit, and Passionsfruittrees etc.
  • Power,Water,etc.is ready on the plot..
  • Price,negotionable, about 150'000 Dollar

    Contact: Andre Roth E-Mail

Backside, very big verandah, big garden


View from livingroom into entrance hall


View from livingroom to verandah

Verandah, with very nive view into the bush,verandah
is about 3 meters above the ground.


Construction worker, hard at work....


Entrance hall,the wood polls are very beautifull handcarved,
which is unfortunately not visible on this picture..


Party 20. July 2001


...Blueprint, measures outside are 12x19 mtr.


Basement,could be used as Servantsquarter, seperate entrance,behind the house
..Second Floor, with seperate entrance 10x19 mtr. could be used for guests..

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