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Brian Litu Mukulu

Where Did God Go? This was the title of a recent issue of the TIME magazine. As I read through the cover article, I couldn’t help noticing that one theme was overly emphasized: Christianity in Europe was on the wane at an alarming rate. What is more, it is turning up in some surprising places - the immigrant community. In fact, the United Kingdom’s biggest and fastest-growing churches are among the African immigrant community.

Now if you live in a country like Kenya, that last statement doesn’t sound at all surprising. In fact, Africa is home to the fastest growing Christian population in the world. Eighty percent of Kenyans profess to be Christian. You only need to attend any one of the numerous Sunday church services to see how firmly entrenched and popular Christianity is in Kenya.

On almost a daily basis, a new evangelical Church pops up in some corner of the country. Indeed some unscrupulous individuals Kenyan Preacher - Source Mr.Seedhave come to view Christianity as a business venture rather than a means of helping people draw closer to God. They have taken advantage of the many problems that plague our society such as poverty, disease, unemployment and crime. It is because of this great level of suffering that you tend to see large numbers of wananchi attending the big crusades that are organized by the churches. Their hope is to see all their afflictions being brought to an end. They are willing to do anything to become rich, to get jobs and to be healed of their ailments. That is why you will find even the poorest among them, being ready to offer the little money they have as donations to the church.

Unfortunately these donations end up in the pockets of the few Church leaders. It isn’t uncommon to find that most of Kenya’s leading evangelists live a life that could be compared to the rich and famous of Beverly Hills. In the meantime, their followers continue to languish in poverty.

But why are Kenyans still drawn to the churches? Well, part of the reason, as has already been mentioned, is that many Kenyans are desperate to find ways of coping with the many problems that are common in a developing country. That is why some haveThe Audience Is Listening To A Fascinating Speach come to view religion as the opium for the soul. That may perhaps explain the decline of Christianity in Europe. Most European countries have stable economies, decreasing unemployment, good health care facilities and well governed local authorities. Indeed life for many in Europe couldn’t be better, so some would argue, why do we need God in our lives?

Another reason why Kenyans are drawn to churches is because of the evangelists who lead the church. A common trait among them is that they are usually very charismatic individuals. Most of them tend to be well-heeled. Their wealth status therefore serves as an example to the laity that if they serve God well, they are guaranteed a good life.

Nonetheless there are few Kenyans who view Christianity as a means of developing a genuine relationship with their creator. Many have come to identify with the teachings that are found in the Bible. They feel that the knowledge gained from the Bible can help make the world a better place to live in. God Will Save You - Source: Mr.Seed

So for whatever reason, it appears that Christianity is here to stay in Kenya. As to the question posed at the outset, that would be a strange question to ask in this part of the world.

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